Multiplayer Tower Offense 'Radio Violence' Out Now On Steam

I’ve been chatting with the gang over at No Sleep here in Toronto. While they are busy working away at the next project, they did let me know about their first game Radio Violence which came out to Steam last year.

Described as a Tower “Offense”, Radio Violence pits up to four players on the same screen building radio towers to spread the influence of your “cheeky dictators”.

“An unsettling calm has shrouded the world. In the wake of a great war, an international armistice binds a temporary peace among the rival nations of the world. Democracy died in the war, and a cast of charismatic dictators — who lead their people through a veil of manipulation and propaganda — has risen to fill the power vacuum. The war may have gone cold, but that hasn't stopped these cunning leaders from finding... alternative ways to influence the people. No nation has the military strength to conquer the world by force and so, in times of hardship, the people turn to the radio for guidance from their glorious leaders.”

You can pick up the game right here on Steam for pretty cheap, and make sure to follow the gang on Twitter.