Action Twin-Stick Shooter 'Project AETHER: First Contact' Coming Soon To Steam

Here is one I missed from October of last year, but Sleepy Spider Studios have announced a twin-stick shooter set in space Project AETHER: First Contact which you can wishlist on Steam right here.

As a threat from beyond looms over the solar system, Project AETHER is ready to deploy! Take control of the powerful AETHER mech in this action oriented twin stick shooter. 

Fight the alien threat across 9 unique levels, each with a powerful boss to defeat. 

Customize your mech's loadout with an assortment of powerful weapons, including the rapid fire assault rifle, high impact railgun, concentrated laser beam, and more. 

According to Steam the game is coming soon, so hopefully we don’t have too much longer to wait.

Game Set In Pixelated Regina Saskatchewan - Queen City Chaos - Announced

Regina Saskatchewan developer Massive Corporation Game Studio announced this month they are working on a NES-inspired retro-style brawler adventure as their first game. Queen City Chaos will take place in Regina, Saskatchewan and players can “wander around a pixel version fo the Queen City and explore the mysterious and dangerous adventure that await.”

Massive Corporation plans to have a single player storyline as well as local multiplayer. We only have the below tweets so far. We’ll have to wait until Spring 2020 for the game to release on Steam, but we’ll have more on the site when it becomes available.

Quebec-based Triple Scale Games Releases 'Save Your Nuts' On Steam

Triple Scale Games has released physics-based competitive multiplayer Save Your Nuts on Steam last week. The multiplayer game can be picked up on Steam right now, where it’s currently enjoying a 20% launch discount. Check out the description, screenshots and trailer below!

In Save Your Nuts, crafty squirrels organize a tournament to challenge other animals in a physics-based competition for the ages. Make daring plays alongside your teammates, grab food power-ups, and tackle your opponents to steal their nuts in this frantic multiplayer-focused party game!

Rogue Star Rescue Out Now On Steam Early Access

I’m certainly a little late on this one, but in the beginning of March a new rogue-lite bullet hell shooter with tower defences was released on Steam. The game, titled Rogue Star Rescue from Windsor-based Chute Apps, is currently in Early Access for the next several months where they look to build upon everything.

“Our galaxy is about to be destroyed. A massive Rogue Star has formed from the cosmos and is on a direct collision path. It threatens to vaporize everything. Leaders from planets around the galaxy have assembled a top team of fighters to stop the Rogue Star at all costs. We are the Team.

The evil aliens from a neighboring galaxy see the Rogue Star as an opportunity to destroy their long time rivals. They learn of the Team and rush to their galaxy to their plans while the Rogue Star inches ever closer.”

You can check out the trailer and original press release below. The game can be picked up on Steam for $17.49 CAD.

Rogue Star Rescue, a mix of roguelite and tower defense, is now available on Steam Early Access

Rogue Star Rescue, a fast-paced roguelite bullet hell shooter with tower defense elements, is live on Steam.

Windsor, Canada ― March 8, 2019 ― Today, Chute Apps Inc. released an alpha version of the much anticipated roguelite ― Rogue Star Rescue. The game is now available on Steam and

Shoot your way through diverse alien planets while strategically gathering traps and resources for the epic boss fights. Defend your planet and stop the catastrophic Rogue Star from annihilating everything.

The released alpha version features:

  • Fully playable with gamepad or keyboard+mouse

  • Roguelite procedural levels with 300+ rooms to explore on 2 unique planets

  • Play as the main hero of the team

  • 10+ enemies and mini-bosses

  • 30+ guns and passive items and 15+ different traps

  • Use traps to defend against the mini-bosses

  • Upgrade your trap strategically with gathered coins

“It’s exhilarating to see that this long dreamed of project is coming to life! We are creating one of the best games in the genre, a game that will be played for years, without getting dull or predictable. With over a hundred endings and fun strategic action, Rogue Star Rescue will not disappoint” — shares the game developer, Carl Chute.

 The game will have large updates every two weeks, introducing new worlds, enemies, items, guns, soundtracks, and many other cool features, both planned and suggested by the players.

 The Rogue Star Rescue team relies heavily on the community for feedback and suggestions and invites the players to join the discussions on their Discord server:

 Purchase the game on Steam or

About Chute Apps Inc.

Chute Apps Inc. is a game and software development company based in Windsor, Ontario. Established in 2011, the company designs video games, mobile, and web applications. 


Rogue Star Rescue Gameplay Trailer:

The press kit:

Multiplayer Tower Offense 'Radio Violence' Out Now On Steam

I’ve been chatting with the gang over at No Sleep here in Toronto. While they are busy working away at the next project, they did let me know about their first game Radio Violence which came out to Steam last year.

Described as a Tower “Offense”, Radio Violence pits up to four players on the same screen building radio towers to spread the influence of your “cheeky dictators”.

“An unsettling calm has shrouded the world. In the wake of a great war, an international armistice binds a temporary peace among the rival nations of the world. Democracy died in the war, and a cast of charismatic dictators — who lead their people through a veil of manipulation and propaganda — has risen to fill the power vacuum. The war may have gone cold, but that hasn't stopped these cunning leaders from finding... alternative ways to influence the people. No nation has the military strength to conquer the world by force and so, in times of hardship, the people turn to the radio for guidance from their glorious leaders.”

You can pick up the game right here on Steam for pretty cheap, and make sure to follow the gang on Twitter.

Blazing Bit Games Reveals New Retro Shooter: Nightmare Reaper - Coming Summer 2019

Blazing Bit Games, a new studio in Montreal from a former Ubisoft Montreal Network Programmer, have announced Nightmare Reaper - a first-person-shooter throw back to games like Wolfenstein, and Doom. The game hits Steam Early Access this Summer with Episode 1, with Episode’s 2 and 3 coming within a year of that. Check out the Steam page to wishlist the game, in the meantime trailer, screenshots, and press release is below.

Montreal, Canada -- April 9th, 2019 -- Blazing Bit Games reveals today their new retro first person shooter game, Nightmare Reaper, launching in Steam Early Access for Windows this summer.  Explore the cursed depths of a nightmare while finding powerful weapons and improving your abilities in this new indie game that breaches the wall between the classics and modern sensibilities.

Reveal trailer:

"We really wanted and had yet to find a modern sprite-based shooter similar in looks and mechanics to Doom or the Build engine games that was more than just shooting monsters.  We just had to make it happen." - said Bruno Beaudoin, Founder.

The Early Access release of the game, titled "Episode One", will feature over 32 weapons and will be crammed with variety and surprises.  Mysterious non-intrusive story elements will guide players through nightmare after nightmare to eradicate evil while they collect treasures that they'll use to improve their abilities through a fun minigame.  Stay tuned as more will be revealed leading up to release.

Wishlist the game on Steam and come join us on Discord!

About Blazing Bit Games
A small studio dedicated to making great indie games, founded by Bruno Beaudoin, programmer by trade, former Ubisoft Montreal Network Programmer and passionate gamer, since the Atari 2600. Nightmare Reaper is our most ambitious project yet and we've recruited the help of amazing people to deliver our vision. 

Terrorarium From Stitch Media Releases In Early Access

Terrorarium from Stitch Media is out now on Steam in Early Access. Right now, in its Early Access form, the game is limited to just ‘Maker Mode’, which gives players the ability to make “murder gardens”:

In Maker Mode, you can choose from over a hundred unique assets, including: vicious creatures, treacherous hazards, plant monsters, lovely foliage and destructible terrain. With these moveable, scalable, customizeable assets, you can create a beautiful garden, a deadly maze or a murderous gauntlet. In Quick Play Mode, play through the levels you have built as the Gardener, a feisty granny with a chip on her shoulder, and her army of adorable, expendable Moogu. The Moogu will die frequently, breed out of control, and are often as insufferable as they are useful. You can also share the levels you build with your friends and frenemies, so they too may see the horrors you have wrought.

The game is expected to stay in Early Access for 6-12 months, and will include a narrative/campaign portion of the game when it’s all said and done. Until then, dive into the game on Steam and share your user created levels. You can check out the trailer and screenshots below.

Tech Support: Error Unknown Releases February 27th On Steam

Dragon Slumber, the indie developer Quebec, will be releasing their latest game Tech Support: Error Unknown on Steam this Wednesday February 27th. In the game you’ll play as a new Quasar Telecommunications support agent - and while resolving customers issues you’ll fine yourself in the middle of a conspiracy.

Tech Support: Error Unknown is an adventure game with simulation and puzzle mechanics, which places you in front of a virtual computer. As a tech support specialist new to the job, use a wide array of computer software to solve customer issues or choose to manipulate programs for personal gain. Hack your system to unlock its full potential, GPS track lost phones, scan profiles to blackmail customers, or simply propose they reboot. 

You can check out the Steam page for the game right here. Trailers and screenshots below. We sat down with Kevin Giguère to talk about the game which is up on Patreon right now, and be up for everyone else tomorrow before the games release.