Tram-Panic Out Now On Android And PC

Remember a few weeks back on the podcast we talked with the gang making Tram-Panic? Well the fruits of their labour is finished as Tram-Panic, the transit mobile game, is out now on Android devices.

Along with games like Actual Sunlight, Tram-Panic actually takes place in Toronto, where you'll be driving a TTC street-car:

"Toronto, City of Dreams... and of people with places to be! You're a streetcar operator and it's rush time. Everyone needs to get home and it's your job to help them! Pick up passengers and drop them off at Stations for points before time runs out. Some folks will give you special abilities while others will make the job harder. With randomized maps, every level will look like a different part of Toronto!"

You can pick it up now on Android and right now.