Ubisoft Montreal Releases Free Game That Teaches Kid How To Code

Ubisoft has announced a new game aimed at teaching kids how to code their own video games. Ubisoft Montreal released Rabbids Coding, a free educational game that you can get on UPlay. Players are tasked with cleaning up a spaceship that has been overrun by the Rabbids, which you do by providing simple instructions to a Rabbid.

Rabbids Coding has been created to allow you to play with the concepts of coding, without constant supervision or instruction from a teacher. It gives you the independence to learn at your own pace, whatever your age. Your goal in each level is to provide the simplest instructions possible to get the task done. Once you've proven yourself in the basics, a sandbox environment becomes available, allowing you to explore and play with the instructions to see what you can do.

Ubisoft believes that video games can play an important role in learning. Rabbids Coding is an initiative that the Canadian team is proud to lead. This is the latest educational initiative from Ubisoft, including the launch of an innovative game design course at Concordia University and the immersive Discovery Tour learning experience available through the Assassin's Creed franchise.

You can download the free game right here on UPlay. You can also check out an interview with programmer Anthony Kozak right here.