Ubisoft Releases 'Watch Dogs 2 - Live Dedsec Hack' Video - Overview For Dedsec R3sistance campaign

Lots of marketing push for Watch Dogs 2, as we'll see the game released this month. Ubisoft have released a Watch Dogs 2 'Live Dedsec Hack" video, which is to give an overview of the Dedsec R3sistance Campaign.

On October 13th, 7:30pm ET, the hacker group known as DedSec launched a live hack operation on HAUM Electronic Inc.'s smart home demo, located in Toronto, Canada.
Ubisoft Canada selected Canadian fans to participate in the tour of this cutting-edge smart home as a promotional stunt for the upcoming release of Watch Dogs 2.
Unbeknownst to the visitors, this operation was broadcast live on Ubisoft Canada's Facebook & YouTube channels simultaneously and invited viewers to decide how DedSec would hack the smart home.
This was the climax of DedSec's campaign against HAUM in Canada. Check the rest of the campaign on DedSec's Canadian Hub: www.dedsec.haumcanada.com

Watch Dogs 2 is out for PlayStation 4, Xbox One on November 15th, and Steam on November 29th. You can check out some further details about Dedsec R3isistance below, and at their website.

About the Dedsec R3sistance Campaign
Last September, Ubisoft launched the Dedsec R3sistance Campaign, inviting Canadians to immerse themselves in the world of WATCH_DOGS 2 and explore its themes of privacy and ultra-connectivity. Fans were encouraged to visit the Dedsec Canada Hub to fight alongside a collective of hackers and participate in weekly missions and hacking challenges that culminated in the ultimate live hacking challenge in Toronto on October 13. During this final part of Dedsec Canada’s mission, a group of fans got a sneak peek of the Show HAUM in-person, while Canadians on the Dedsec Canada Hub were invited to hack it in real time, from the comfort of their own homes.
Ubisoft Canada and VICE Canada partnered to create USER PROFILED, a two-part documentary series exploring themes from WATCH_DOGS 2, such as growing concerns around online user profiling, its implications for user privacy and the increasing threat it poses to Canadians’ civil liberties. Both episodes of USER PROFILED are available here.