Sunday July 12th: Toronto Game Developer Job Postings

We took a week off since there weren't any more new job postings, so the last time we posted was on June 28th.  We're back now since there are some new positions, check them out below and keep an eye on the Studios page for a good source of active developers.  As always, the studio name and job position are links to their sites.

DrinkBox Studios - 2D Animator

"The applicant will work in Toon Boom and Flash to help rig characters and create animations for future DrinkBox Studios projects. Required animations may include enemies, bosses, player character(s), animated background elements, and animated cutscenes / animatics."

Ubisoft Toronto - Level Designers, Animators, Programmers, and more.

Ubisoft is the biggest studio in Toronto, so they are always kind of hiring. There are a lot of different positions, and it's worth always checking their site every now and then.

Digital Extremes - Testers, Artists, Programmers, and more.

"Why choose Digital Extremes? Ingenuity, diligence, highly skilled, specifically trained. With stealth precision, this team of ninjas have infiltrated the F2P market. Can we control the natural elements, shape shift or walk on water? Hell no. But we can develop kick-ass videogames. We are masters of our own weaponry. What is your superhuman skill? Do you have what it takes to join this elite team? Bring it. Recruiting now."

Big Blue Bubble Inc - Director of Marketing, Level Designer, Sound Designer, and more.

"We are the largest and most successful independent mobile games company in the nation, we rank among the fastest 50 growing technology companies, and we have more accolades than wall space to display them. Big Blue Bubble delivers sheer mobile entertainment immersion through engaging, social, free to play games. We bring the most talented, creative, and zany people together with a singular vision of creating the best player experience possible."