The Vita Lounge Interviews DrinkBox Studios About Severed

Our friends over at The Vita Lounge interviewed Chris McQuinn from DrinkBox Studios about their upcoming touch based dungeon crawler, Severed.

"As we noted earlier, we loved Guacamelee! Can we expect a sequel at some point? If so do you already have some ideas of where this could go?

At the moment the studio needs a Guacamelee! break. If (when?) we do return to that world it should only be under the pretext that the entire team is enthusiastic about doing so. From a creativity standpoint sometimes you just need to walk away for a little while and let new ideas subconsciously seed themselves in your brain somewhere. The last thing we want to do is force a sequel. Forced sequels can be a real let down to fans.

Mutant Blobs is another of your noted series, do you have any plans to revisit this in the future?

Well, this is much more divisive in the office. There are two camps in the studio, one who want to do a new Mutant Blobs game, and the other camp (we call them the no fun camp). Who knows what the future holds, but rest assured there are people here always pushing for it (this includes me)."

You can check out the rest of the interview here, and make sure to follow the studio on Twitter. Personally I'm very excited for Severed, and can't wait to play the game when it comes out this Summer.