Kotaku Interviews Co-Creator of Cuphead

I found out about Studio MDHR this last E3 when Cuphead was shown off at Microsoft's Press Conference.  Since then I've been eating up everything about the game, I might just need to get an Xbox One for it.  

Co-Creator Chad Moldenhauer dropped by ID@Xbox and Kotaku to discuss the game:

"This game is about 70% bosses and currently we have plans for about 30% platforming levels, like the traditional sidescrolling Gunstar Heroes/Contra 3 style of levels. We are still creating them and deciding which ones are staying and which ones aren’t. Because we definitely do not like filler in our games, everything we put in is, in our minds at least, the best of the ideas we have, so we’re shooting for about 30% of platformer levels."

You can check out the rest of the article over at Kotaku.  Make sure to also follow the developer on Twitter, and stay tuned to TorontoGameDevs.com for the latest.