Alto's Adventure Out Now On Android

Developer Snowman had announced earlier this month Alto's Adventure was releasing on Android, and that day has come!  You can download the game for free on the Google Store here, or on the iOS right here.  The game is free on Android, while costing $3.99 on iOs, and the developer spoke about why:

After playing games such as Crossy Road and Threes! Free we began to understand that free-to-play can be done in a very tasteful and respectful manner. We also heard about the crazy levels of piracy on Android (thanks in part to Ustwo Games’ incredibly insightful Monument Valley infographic), and wanted to ensure that Alto’s Adventure could be as accessible as possible for everyone, while still being good for business.

Give the game a shot, and let us know what you think in the comments below.  You can also follow the developer on Twitter and FaceBook.