Alto's Adventure Releases For Android February 11th

Developer Snowman announced today that Alto's Adventure, the infinite skier already on iOS, will be heading to Android on February 11th.  Most interestingly is that the game, which is available on the iOS right now for $2.99, will be made free on Android.

After playing games such as Crossy Road and Threes! Free we began to understand that free-to-play can be done in a very tasteful and respectful manner. We also heard about the crazy levels of piracy on Android (thanks in part to Ustwo Games’ incredibly insightful Monument Valley infographic), and wanted to ensure that Alto’s Adventure could be as accessible as possible for everyone, while still being good for business.
So, after careful consideration, we decided to take the plunge and launch Alto’s Adventure for free, adding a variety of opt-in bonuses for players who might need a little extra help, or otherwise want to show their support. The most important thing to say is that we’ve kept the core gameplay experience intact – it can be enjoyed start to finish, exactly as it can be on iOS.

If you need some more Alto's Adventure reading before February 11th, make sure to check out this interview over at The Verge which dives into the game a bit more. Give them a follow on Twitter, and then we'll see you on the slopes February 11th!