Alto's Odyssey Gets A Teaser Trailer - Coming Later This Year

To celebrate the second anniversary of Alto's Adventure, Snowman was kind enough to give us a Alto's Odyssey teaser trailer which you can check out below:

But ultimately, in these last two years, nothing has been more humbling for us than to see fans connect with Alto and friends the way they have. From kind emails and social media messages telling us how the game has helped people discover play, or cope with anxiety, to gorgeous fan art beyond our wildest expectations, your reaction has been the greatest gift of all.

Today, that celebration continues. Rather than look back, though, we think it’s time to look forward to the horizon. And to the odyssey that awaits.

The teaser trailer confirms what we've discussed on the podcast before, Alto's Odyssey is scheduled for release this summer. Along with Where Cards Fall coming in the Fall, players will have lots of Snowman content in the later half of the year.