One last LevelUP TO Preview: Interview with Livius Grosu

One last preview as Levelup TO is today, at the Design Exchange (234 Bay St.) from 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm.  I interviewed Livius Grosu, a Ryerson University student in Computer Science.  He has created a VR horror game that he will be showing today at LevelUP TO.

TGD: Tell me a bit about yourself. (Is this your first experience at LevelUP? Have you created games in the past?)

Livius Grosu: I'm currently attending Ryerson University for Computer Science and I plan on breaking into the game dev field.  I've had an interest in making games ever since I got my hands on it!  From gamer maker studio to the latest version of Unity, I've been making games ever since.  This LevelUp that I'm attending will be my first and I'm super excited about it!

TGD: What is your game for LevelUP TO this year?

L.G:  This year I'm submitting a VR horror game called MK.  My goal for this game is to create a dark/sinister world with unwelcoming 'inhabitants'.

MK LevelUP Toronto Game from Ryerson University Student

TGD: What did you get your inspirations for this game?

L.G:  The VR horror games theme stems from the games Amnesia, Penumbra, and Thief the Dark Project.  Ever since I played those games, I always wanted to mimic the horror and tension atmosphere that those games created.  Amnesia and Penumbra helped me understand different types of horror.  What those games really tried to emphasize was the horror of the unknown, which in my opinion, is the best kind of horror as it pulls through the core of what horror is.  Thief had tension between the player and the environment such as hiding in the shadows while a guard is nose hair away from you.  I wanted that kind of tension in my game to emphasize the fear and horror that a player might encounter.

TGD:  What are you most excited to show off about MK, and about LevelUP?

L.G:  We're excited to show off how the game can bring out the fear in a player.  Every asset from sound, models, lighting, and more, pushes this principle and it all ties nicely into a horrifying bundle.  I'm also excited to talk to members from Unity, AMD, and Ubisoft and get a slice of how the game dev field works!

Thanks again to Livius for taking the time to interview.  We'll see everyone tonight at LevelUP TO!