Escape The Internet In Rage Quest - Out Now

In Rage Quest you'll play as Zye, a man who has awoken in the internet with no idea how he got there. The only way out is by creating a portal using the only type of energy available on the internet...hate.

"Zye will journey through the worlds of social media, online gaming, and corporate influence on his quest to amass hate. On his journey he'll encounter enemies such as The Hive Mind, Gamergate, The Twitch Chat, trolls, flamers, hackers, bloatware, malware, spambots, user data, censorship, fake news and many more."

Rage Quest is a real-time, tile-based RPG where you have to time and chain your attacks.

"Every action has a charge time (the time until the action executes) and a cooldown time (the time until the action can be used again). The player must think both quickly and strategically to be effective in combat. It's not just about using the right actions together, but timing the execution of them as well."

Rage Quest is out now on Steam,, and Google Play with an iOS version coming soon. Make sure to follow the developer Nicolas Fisher on Twitter when you get a chance!