GameDev Job - UI/UX Designer - Mikutech

Mikutech is looking for a few roles (the rest you can check out right here) - but below is the UI/UX Designer role. Apply to and mention this job posting in the subject. Goodluck!

UI/UX Designer

Good design is obvious. Great design is invisible.

  • Do you see life as a great app that could be improved with the right icons, buttons and flow?

  • Do you have a yearning for fantastic kerning?

  • In your opinion, if any old picture is worth a thousand words, should the perfectly created image translate to one single word?

If you've answered yes to any of these questions, then read on!

Desired Skills & Traits

  • Ability to understand applications from the designers perspective as well as the users.

  • Superior knowledge and long-time experience with the digital design software tools of your choice.

  • Ability to adapt to your vision to any technology platform, from web and mobile, to game consoles and desktop, to virtual and augmented realities.

  • Exemplary communication skills (preferably not flag semaphore).

  • Proficiency in design fundamentals like typography, color theory, layout and user-centered design principles.

  • Ability to juggle multiple projects, and balance them effectively.

  • A strong understanding of the latest web technologies and their capabilities

  • Willing to listen and learn to speak with disciplines other than your own, such as programmers, production managers, and clients.

  • A not-at-all-secret passion for games.


  • 2+ years of experience designing user interfaces for games and websites.


  • Translate user stories into wireframes, workflow diagrams, interactive mockups and prototypes.

  • Gather and evaluate user requirements, especially the ones they don't know they want.

  • Design and create UI elements for websites, apps, and traditional, VR and AR games.

  • Explain design choices and provide rationale.

  • Collaborating with dev team to implement and integrate the designs.

  • Take notes and critiques with a collaborative, team based approach.

  • Follow, maintain, and expand visual pattern libraries and style guides.

  • Identify opportunities to improve products.

Before You Hit Send

Make sure you provide us with a:

  • Cover Letter

  • Resume

  • References

  • Portfolio

About Joydrop/Mikutech

Joydrop/Mikutech is a full-service agency specializing in video game development and production. Under the branding of Joydrop, we craft experiences for the consumer on Nintendo Switch, Sony PlayStation, Microsoft Xbox One, mobile, and PC. Mikutech is our brand for serious gaming solutions involving medical and commercial training using augmented and virtual reality. Both brands were established by Mark Mikulec, a veteran game developer on titles like Warframe and Bioshock, an architect of 3D graphics engines, who has been at the forefront of VR/AR long before its recent popularity.

Working at Joydrop/Mikutech means working elbow to elbow with respected industry professionals and up-and-comers in code, art, and design. It also means you’ll not only be given the chance to show off your expertise and finesse, but learn alongside similarly ambitious people.

Mikutechis located in London, Ontario, a city with a large game developer community and most of the amenities of much larger -- much more crowded! -- urban centers.

The job’s requirements may seem daunting, but if you’re fresh out of school, you’re in luck –we love new grads!

Academic experience (via group projects) can count just as much as industry experience.

For further information about Mikutech visit or twitter@MikutechTips. Apply to and mention this job posting in the subject. For more information about Joydrop Ltd, visit