Golem Out Now On Steam

Golem, the platforming puzzle from Hegemony developers Longbow Games is out now on Steam, and enjoying a 10% discount (as of this writing). Golem has you playing a young girl and shape-shifting golem who must navigate the ruins of an ancient tower.

No one knew who built the ancient tower that loomed beside the coast. The young girl figured water must have once flowed down its giant aqueducts into her village, but even her grandfather couldn't remember seeing the mill's old water wheel turn. These days it is the job of her and the other children to journey to-and-from the tower to collect what little water bubbles up in the caves beneath it. But everything is about to change when she awakens a mysterious glowing orb buried beneath the puddles. Images long hidden on the cavern walls now glow with hints of a new hope for her drought-stricken village, and the sealed door of the tower sits ajar for the first time in centuries. With her curious companion in tow, the young girl bravely enters the crumbling ruins of the ancient machine to discover if its long-held secrets hold the key to her future.

You can pick up the game on Steam right here $16.99 CAD (and it's currently on a 10% discount).