Mervils: A VR Adventure Out Now On Steam Early Access - PSVR This Fall

I was just mentioning on this weeks podcast that VR appears to just be full steam ahead right now, with Bloxiq VR shown last week, here comes Mervils, a fantasy VR game from London developer VitruviusVR.

“Mervils” brings the look of classic platformers to the world of VR and unfolds a very hobbit-like adventure story on the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Your journey begins in the picturesque Mervil Kingdom, where you learn the history of the jolly Mervil people and of their one great enemy, “Balazar the Evil” who has not been seen in the lands for centuries. You quickly discover that there are 5 vast Mervil Worlds to explore in the Kingdom and that the Worlds are protected by a magical force-field, bound by the Great Mervil Book. Year after year, the power of this Great Book has diminished and now at the time of greatest weakness, Balazar has plotted his return and seeks to destroy you and the rest of the Mervil people. It’s up to one brave hero, to collect the lost pages, rebind the Great Book, and defeat Balazar once and for all.

You can check out more on the official Steam page, including download the free demo.  Right now the game is available for Oculus and HTC Vive, and will be coming to PlayStation VR this October which is when the game is expected to release in full. Until then follow the game on Twitter and FaceBook!