Phantom Compass Takes Us To 2080 In 'Auto Age: StandOff'

Developer Phantom Compass has been busy working on their 1980's action cartoon inspired car combat game, Auto Age: Standoff. 

In 2080, the future is bright but deadly. America is on the road to recovery after decades of disaster. Militarized motorists keep the peace in the east. Wheeled gangs rule the western wastes. A series of radio relays connects sea to shining sea. A mysterious voice crackles through the static, beckoning travellers into the desert canyons of the Dead Zone. Do you dare answer the call?

Auto Age will support 1-4 players, and is currently announced for PC, with other consoles being "TBD", and will also support VR.  Phantom Compass has announced before they had Oculus Rift developer kits.

While no release date is set, we'll be sure to have more as Phantom Compass shares further details of the game. They've been tweeting a lot about it, so follow them on Twitter for the latest.