Road to EGLX: Voidless Studios - The Forgotten Void

EGLX is just right around the corner, and there are a bunch of studios show casing their games at the show - we've already talked about a few and next up is Voidless Studios! They'll be showing thier minimalist adventure game The Forgotten Void.

Many centuries ago, 2 worlds were formed, the Null World and the Overworld. Humanity existed on the Overworld while the Null world was inhabited by Null entities, mystic creatures that brought evil and chaos to the Overworld. When the 2 worlds were created, a portal known as the Gateway was created that that linked the 2 worlds, where humans and Null entities could come in and out. However, 9 other portals were also formed that led to void fragments that were keys to unlock the Void core in the Gateway which would destroy the Null World. Void Guardians were humans of the Overworld that defended humanity against the invaders of the Null world but as time went on, Void Guardians were few and far between while the Null world slowly consumed the Overworld. 

As one of the last Void Guardians that survived from the Great War, our hero is suffering from amnesia due to their injuries in the war and as they wake up several months later, they hope to recollect their memories by traveling through the cities of the Overworld. 

They'll be EGLX this weekend, and can check out this page to find their (or others) specific booth. You can also pick up tickets to the event here.