Road to EGLX - Salvadora Studios - The Floor Is Made of Lava

As mentioned in the earlier post about the EGLX gaming schedule, we'll be doing a lead up to EGLX by taking a look at all the local (and non-local) game studios at the show. First one up is Salvadora Studios which is working on The Floor Is Made of Lava.

"Our primary goal is to create great games. Great games that feel fun to play, and reward you for using your brain. We plan on remaining as independent as possible. We want to make our own choices and make our games unique. We all believe that fun in games should be a given, and the relationship between developer and player be a friendly and mutually beneficial one."

The Floor Is Made of Lava is about imagination, just like how when we were kids we would imagine the floor is made of lava - Salvadora Studios takes a similar approach.

"As Jimmy searches for his brother within his house, his imagination gets carried away and whisks him off on a grand adventure through many worlds. Face off against pirates, escape from stampeding dinosaurs, or take on a proud dragon!

As a mix of genres somewhere between Mario and Megaman but not quite a Metroidvania, Jimmy will need to defeat bosses in order to gain the equipment they guard. Use these to battle or avoid enemies in new ways or figure out combinations to break through tricky sections of platforming. Most of all, go find those secret paths that you couldn't access earlier! They may lead to interesting upgrades or challenges!"

They actually have a demo up on the site, and will be at EGLX next weekend. You can follow the game on Steam as well which is set to release soonish.