Run Jump Fail Out Now On Steam

Run Jump Fail is the latest game from Luke O'Connor, who previously released Kapsul Infinite on Steam. In Run Jump Fail is a platformer where you, a lot:

"Run Jump Fail puts you in control of the hapless HappyMan, and tasks you with guiding him through a whole load of treacherous obstacle courses. You'll fail a lot along the way, but watching HappyMan collapse and flail when he's just run into a wall, or tripped on a ledge, or been hit by a big red spinning thing is a lot of fun.

Seriously, failing is 90% of the fun. So fail away."

You can check out the trailer and screenshots below. But make sure to head over to Steam to pick it up for only $7.99. Of course if you're a Patreon at the $4.00+ level you have a chance at getting a free copy as well.