Podcast Episode 70 - Life Expetency, London, And Nintendo Switch

We're back! Let me know what the quality is like, I tried to improve it this time - still learning the new equipment and what not.

This week we discussed:

Podcast Episode 69 - Nintendo Switch Thoughts

Were back! Sorry for missing last week. In this episode, we talk about some local gaming events, recent news and my overall thoughts on the Nintendo Switch.

Podcast Episode 68 - VR Isn't Dead

We're back! I am using a new recording software, so I apologize it's a little quiet. Still working out the kinks.

This week, Bret and I discuss:

Intro: Jake Butineau

Outro: Dan Rodrigues

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Podcast Episode 58 - M-E-A-S-O-R Man

Hey! We're back with another episode, where we discuss Runbow Deluxe (which is out now in retail), and the Canadian Video Game Award Nominations.