Phantom Compass Launches Auto Age: Standoff

Phantom Compass, the creators behind Rollers of the Realm have released their latest game, Auto Age: Standoff, on Steam this past week. Auto Age is a car combat game taking place in the future, but with a 1980's style to it:

"Choose your side and speed full throttle into a deadly game of ruthless car combat soaked in '80s Saturday morning cartoon style. Will you rally behind SAIGE and Val Vega to fight for a better future, or seek total domination with the evil Dark Jaw and his ragtag Jawlings?

Hurl headlong into the chaos of twelve-player online combat, buckle up for classic couch co-op, or even do both. With Auto Age: Standoff's versatile split-screen play, you and three other friends can skirmish privately or team up together in online battles."

You can pick up Auto Age: Standoff on Steam right now, which has a 20% launch discount as well.

Phantom Compass Gives Us A New Auto Age: Standoff Trailer

Happy Saturday! Toronto developer Phantom Compass released a new trailer for Auto Age: Standoff which you can check out below:

I also managed to find some gameplay footage from late last year, make sure to follow the team on Twitter. Auto Age is expected to hit sometime this year.

Phantom Compass Does Some Online Multiplayer Testing For Auto Age: Standoff

Phantom Compass has posted some new footage of their car combat game Auto Age: Standoff.  The video isn't really a trailer, but more so testing footage for their online deathmatch, but it gives a good indication of the hectic action that players will find themselves in. Check it out below!

Auto Age: Standoff is planned for release on Steam this Fall, and will boast a wide selection of Canadian Indie Music. They've also been tweeting a lot lately, so give them a follow!

Press Release: Canadian Indie Musicians Contribute to Auto Age: Standoff Mixtape

Friend of the site Jim Squires reached out to me to let me know about the soundtrack and music behind Phantom Compass. The soundtrack will feature Jim Guthrie, TWRP, Skull Fist and more. I've copied the press release below, but make sure to follow them on Twitter and check them out at PAX East if you're there.

Canadian Indie Musicians Contribute to Auto Age: Standoff Mixtape

Phantom Compass Reveals the Masterful Music Acts Behind the Tunes of Auto Age


Toronto, Canada – 22 April 2016 – When the pedal is to the metal, few things matter quite as much as the soundtrack driving your four-wheeled engine of destruction. Phantom Compass, developers of the upcoming car combat game Auto Age: Standoff, have assembled some of Canada’s deadliest indie artists for a mixtape maximized for motorized mayhem.


“Auto Age embodies a retro future where the 1980s never died,” said game director Tony Walsh. “Before the days of iTunes playlists and streaming music services, kids had just one outlet for customizing their listening sessions: a handcrafted mixtape. We’re recreating that vibe with some of Canada’s coolest retro-inspired indie musicians.”


Each killer vehicle is equipped with a customizable in-game mixtape starring  synth-funk electronic stylings of TWRP, the retro-tinged synthwave sound of 20SIX Hundred, the heavy-rocking metal of Skull Fist, and the tech-noir outrun melodies of Stilz.


"As fellow Canadians who dig rad tunes and bad ass video games, it is a great feeling to be a part of Auto Age,” said Skull Fist guitarist Zach Slaughter. “The graphics rule, the premise rules, the game rules, and even the soundtrack rules!"


In addition to its in-game mixtape, Auto Age: Standoff includes original soundtrack music from Toronto’s own Jim Guthrie. Previous to his work on Auto Age, Guthrie has lent his considerable talents to notable Canadian indie games like Sound Shapes, Below, and Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery. Guthrie is also the artist responsible for the soundtrack to Indie Game: The Movie.


“Jim is an absolute legend in the indie games music scene, not to mention the Canadian music scene at large,” said Ericka Evans, Head of Production at Phantom Compass. “We’re honoured to be working not only with Jim but with the great Canadian mixtape musicians.. What better project to meet at the crossroads of Canadian indie music and Canadian indie games than one that literally puts you behind the wheel?”


Auto Age: Standoff is a game of car combat and multiplayer strategy that is coming to Steam later this year. You can add Auto Age: Standoff to your Steam Wishlist starting today. For more information, please visit, as well as the game's Steam page at





  • Jim Guthrie is a Toronto-based singer-songwriter. In addition to creating original compositions for video games, film, and television, Jim has released several solo albums including 2003’s Juno-nominated ‘Now, More Than Ever’ and 2013’s critically-acclaimed ‘Takes Time’.  To learn more and listen, please visit

  • TWRP are an elite squad of rockstars from the future, the 1980s, and currently Toronto. The band has gained an international following after the release of their animated music video 'The Hit' which has surpassed 1 million views. To listen, visit

  • Skull Fist are a heavy metal group formed in 2006 by Toronto-based guitarist Zach Slaughter. Following a 2006 demo and 2010 EP, the band has released two full albums: 2011’s ‘Head of the Pack’ and and 2014’s Juno-nominated ‘Chasing the Dream’. To listen, please visit

  • 20SIX Hundred has been producing music for a number of years, composing horror scores for micro budget thrillers and most recently venturing into the realm of retro-tinged synthwave. Originally from Southern Ontario, 20SIX Hundred now calls Vancouver home. To listen, please visit

  • Stilz has produced for hip hop artists throughout Western Canada for many years. Starting out as a DJ in the late 90's, these days he has become known for his solo instrumental releases. For listening samples, please visit



Based in St. Catharines, Ontario, Phantom Compass is best known for its 2014 pinball-meets-RPG title ‘Rollers of the Realm’ for PC, PlayStation 4 and PS Vita. The studio’s latest title, ‘Auto Age: Standoff,’ has been in development for over a year and will be released on Steam this fall. For more information, visit


Auto Age: Standoff was produced with the financial assistance of the Canada Media Fund and the Ontario Media Development Corporation.


We acknowledge the financial support of FACTOR, the Government of Canada and of Canada’s private radio broadcasters. Nous reconnaissons l’appui financier de FACTOR, du gouvernement du Canada, et des radiodiffuseurs privés du Canada.


Phantom Compass Takes Us To 2080 In 'Auto Age: StandOff'

Developer Phantom Compass has been busy working on their 1980's action cartoon inspired car combat game, Auto Age: Standoff. 

In 2080, the future is bright but deadly. America is on the road to recovery after decades of disaster. Militarized motorists keep the peace in the east. Wheeled gangs rule the western wastes. A series of radio relays connects sea to shining sea. A mysterious voice crackles through the static, beckoning travellers into the desert canyons of the Dead Zone. Do you dare answer the call?

Auto Age will support 1-4 players, and is currently announced for PC, with other consoles being "TBD", and will also support VR.  Phantom Compass has announced before they had Oculus Rift developer kits.

While no release date is set, we'll be sure to have more as Phantom Compass shares further details of the game. They've been tweeting a lot about it, so follow them on Twitter for the latest.