Adventure Town-Building Game 'Dwarrows' Now On Kickstarter

I've been a big fan of Dwarrows from Lithic Entertainment since coming across it earlier last year.  They have now officially launched their Kickstarter to help out with the final stretch of completing the game, which is a 3d town building adventure game.

The peaceful Wood-Elves have fled their homelands to escape a great flood. The Elf Queen Solatia, aware of their plight, has secured some lands in a far away country and an old Keep where they can rebuild.
Assigned to help these woodland folk rebuild is The Royal Company of Colonizers, an elite group of expert gatherers and builders. Three of the most storied of these colonizers have been chosen for this mission, The Dwarf: Dwilben the Gatherer, The Gnome: Gloia the Builder, and The Halfling: Horbir the Explorer.

You can check out the full Kickstarter here, where you can get a copy of the game for as low as $15 dollars (which will be lower than the launch price).  Make sure to also follow the developer on Twitter and FaceBook and keep an eye on this colourful, charming adventure game.