Alto's Adventure Out Now On Windows 10

So I mentioned on the last podcast how we got an Xbox One after playing Alto's Adventure on our Window's 10 tablet and getting a few Xbox Achievements. Little did I know, the game was "silently" released on Windows 10 which has now been made public:

"For particularly sleuthy Xbox fans, this might not come as a shock. We quietly launched the game last month, and have been listening to early fan feedback ever since, to tweak and perfect the experience for Windows users. Now, we’re ready to tell the world. Alto will even be featured at the top of the Windows Games section of the Microsoft Store today and tomorrow – big thanks to the team at Microsoft for helping us spread the word."

Make sure to follow along on Twitter. Next up Snowman is partnering up with Slingshot & Satchel for their next project, though nothing is none about the game at the moment. We'll have all the details once they are available, until then make sure to pick up Alto's Adventure on your platform of choice.