Axon Interactive Announces Kickstarter For Quench Coming This Wednesday

Axon Interactive teased that something was in the works for Quench, and now we know what. They've announced that this Wednesday they'll be launching a Kickstarter for their upcoming game Quench.  There will also be a Steam Greenlight page that we can vote for:

In the past year, we’ve received incredibly encouraging feedback from our fans about the unique aesthetic of the world and its creatures, the focus on non-violence as a game mechanic, and the central themes of compassion and community, where you can change the world through nurturing the earth and helping others.
We’re on our way to completing and releasing Quench on PC and Mac near the end of 2016. But with the majority of our funding received and paid out (and the final amount allocated to post-production costs), we need a boost to help us get to the finish line. So we’ve decided to turn to our friends, family, and fans.

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