McMaster Students Launch Kickstarter For Chocolate Conquest

Soft Snow Studios Limited is a group of software engineering students from McMaster University.  They have a Kickstarter going for their JRPG style game, Chocolate Conquest.  It has a turn-based battle system, and your party can have up to four characters.

The game takes place in a strange world, where chocolate is the source of all power. It is delicious, and flows through all beings.

You will play as Yuuri, a young woman with the power to topple the world’s rules, and stand against fate. Yuuri is able to relive her past experiences, and open doors that were previously closed to her.

By finding allies and gathering strength across playthroughs, Yuuri hopes to shatter the rules placed on the world.

Their goal is to reach $3000 by October 6.  At the time of this post, they're at $168.