Runbow Deluxe Out This Month, Runbow Pocket Delayed - 13AM Games Updates Us

Developer 13AM Games took to their Tumblr today to give us some updates on the upcoming 3DS game Runbow Pocket, and retail version Runbow Deluxe.  Do you want the good news, or the bad news first?

Good News: Runbow Deluxe will be available release October 25th in North America. It will be $29.99, and you get access to Runbow, all of Runbow's DLC, and the Runbow Soundtrack Volume 1 and 2.  Shantae will also be available as free DLC to the existing Runbow game in time for the Deluxe release.

Runbow Pocket will also include online play on new Nintendo 3DS when it releases.

Bad News: Runbow Pocket, and Runbow Pocket Deluxe has been delayed into Q1 2017.

Development on Runbow Pocket, especially the online functionality, took a few turns we didn’t quite expect. Rather than rush out a game that we didn’t feel was up to our standards, we decided a delay would be better if it meant we could focus on improving the quality of the game itself

Runbow Pocket will also not feature any sort of local multiplayer.

Now, making this system a reality meant focusing on Online connectivity over the New Nintendo 3DS’ Local connectivity. While this now means no Streetpass or local multiplayer, focusing on Online Multiplayer will allow players to have more options about where to play, when to play, and who to play with. It was important to us that Runbow Pocket players still have the option to play this crazy multiplayer game with other New Nintendo 3DS owners anywhere in the world, whenever they want.

Hopefully we won't have to wait long for Runbow Pocket, but until then you can always pick up Runbow on Wii U.