Video Game News Time Daily - April 25th 2017

Another day, another new video. Here you go!

Shoot Shoot Mega Pack Coming April 27th

Actual Humans' upcoming multiplayer minimalist shooter SSMP (Shoot Shoot Mega Pack) has been given a release date, and players can expect the game April 27th on Steam.

In Shoot Shoot Mega Pack you and up to three friends can duke it out head-to-head in any of four 2D shooters, each one focusing on its own core mechanic! Push each other into walls that expand with every shot in zoom, thrust and shoot together in sync, avoid a barrage of black holes in void, or carefully try to find your invisible friends before they find you in fade!

For the tinkerers out there, mix and match rules however you want in custom mode! Try 'em once or mark them as your faves and come back to them whenever you want! Finding all these options too overwhelming? Don't worry, we've got you covered! Take a load off and let the party gods choose for you in party mode or take your chances with an endless stream of randomly generated rulesets in chaos mode!

Vote For Shoot Shoot Mega Pack On Steam Greenlight

The party 2D shooter Shoot Shoot Mega Pack (SSMP) from Jon Remedios now has a Steam Greenlight page, which you can vote for to be Greenlight right here.  The game is described as "a party game about rules, friendship, and shooting". Check out the trailer and screenshots below!

Make sure to vote for the game on Steam Greenlight, and follow all the people involved with the project on Twitter:



Vertex Pop Announces 'Graceful Explosion Machine' - Coming Early 2017

Having just released We Are Doomed on PlayStation Vita last month, Vertex Pop have announced their next game, Graceful Explosion Machine. The 2D side scrolling shooter is set to hit consoles and home computers in Early 2017. 

Graceful Explosion Machine places you at the controls of a powerful, yet agile, GEM: an attack ship with multiple weapon systems and precision control. Blast, combo, and dash your way through levels featuring an array of neon jewel-toned enemies and claustrophobic arenas, using a deep four-weapon based combat system that encourages you to think as fast as you can fly! Fighting for your life in deep space can be tough, but you just might make it back home safely in your Graceful Explosion Machine

The game will also be at Pax East, as part of the Indie Mega Booth, along with other Toronto developed games such as SSMP, and Kitty Disastrous.

SSMP Gets A New Trailer, Website, And Will Be At PAX

Indie developer Jon Remedios released a new trailer for his upcoming game SSMP (Shoot Shoot Mega Pack).  The game is a minimialist party shooter for up to 4 players.


  • Smooth, yet frantic 2D shooter gameplay for up to four players.
  • Preset games, customizable rulesets, and party mode allow you to play however the heck you prefer.
  • Sleek minimalist graphic design visuals by Gavin McCarthy
  • A whimsical dynamic soundtrack by Ryan Roth
  • Really great names to choose from. Like Bearman, Justice Machine, and Greg.

Make sure to follow the game on Twitter.  SSMP also announced they will also be at PAX this year as well.

Finally! There is also a new website devoted to the site which you can check out here, which includes a podcast for game developers.  Make sure to stay tuned to for the latest on the game.