Shoot Shoot Mega Pack Coming April 27th

Actual Humans' upcoming multiplayer minimalist shooter SSMP (Shoot Shoot Mega Pack) has been given a release date, and players can expect the game April 27th on Steam.

In Shoot Shoot Mega Pack you and up to three friends can duke it out head-to-head in any of four 2D shooters, each one focusing on its own core mechanic! Push each other into walls that expand with every shot in zoom, thrust and shoot together in sync, avoid a barrage of black holes in void, or carefully try to find your invisible friends before they find you in fade!

For the tinkerers out there, mix and match rules however you want in custom mode! Try 'em once or mark them as your faves and come back to them whenever you want! Finding all these options too overwhelming? Don't worry, we've got you covered! Take a load off and let the party gods choose for you in party mode or take your chances with an endless stream of randomly generated rulesets in chaos mode!

First Look Trailer For Kitty Disasterous

Indie developer Rocket 5 Studios had previously released screenshots for Kitty Disastrous, but today is the first time we can see the game in action.  Check it out below!

Kitty Disastrous is a platforming adventure game about love, calamity and being a cat. While following your accident prone ferret friend from scrape to scrape, you’ll explore a small industrial town with reckless abandon and satisfy your thirst for wanton destruction. In her search for Ferris, Kitty encounters puzzles, people, and other citizens of the animal world that she can manipulate to help achieve her goal. Whatever Kitty touches turns to disaster.

You can keep up to the game by checking out the main website, and follow them on Twitter and Tumblr.

Lovers In A Dangerous Spacetime Out Now On PlayStation 4

Indie developer Asteroid Base announced last month that Lovers In A Dangerous Spacetime was headed to PlayStation 4, and that day has finally arrived!  Players can download the game on the PlayStation Store right now, which is currently on a 30% sale. Let us know in the comments if you've picked up the game!

Countdown To Bit Bazaar: The Hum Beneath Us

Continuing with our countdown to Bit Bazaar, we'll take a look at The Hum Beneath Us from Patrick Rainville & Beccy David. This is actually the first time I've heard of the game, and I'm excited to get a closer look next week at the event. Check out the chilling trailer below!

Make sure to follow development of the game on the official tumblr here.

Toronto GameDev: Sago Sago

Do you have a young son or daughter? Perhaps a niece or nephew, or family friend?  You might want to check out Sago Sago, who specialize in apps designed for children (the characters are really cute).

Sago Sago creates magical mobile apps for children. We create software that builds on children's natural sense of curiosity, experimentation and self-expression. We believe young children learn best through experimentation and exploration rather than instruction and assessment. Our passion is for creating open-ended play experiences that give children a sense of mastery and ownership.

If you got young children in your life, I'd recommend checking our Sago Sago. They are also hiring for lots of different jobs as well.

Toronto GameDev: XMG Studios

Here is another "FYI: Check out this developer" - XMG Studios! This Toronto Developer has created lots of games on mobile devices including Cows vs Aliens, and Dragonwood Academy.

Coming up, XMG Studios has Project Giants:

In a world where all emotions have been forgotten, we must brave an ever-evolving environment to reclaim what it truly means to be alive. Witness a desolate, barren world blossom into a verdant utopia of colour and life. The unique art style marries geometric forms, painterly textures, and a dash of Futurism for a truly breathtaking visual experience.

Make sure to follow the developer on Twitter and check out their games on mobile devices!

Check Out Lost Orbit From PixelNAUTS

I saw this tweet from developer PixelNAUTS and I wanted to give a shout out to the developer and to Lost Orbit which is looking pretty sweet. Check out the videos below!

Personally I thought a PlayStation page meant a release date is incoming, but right now it is still TBD for PS4 and PC.  Make sure to check out screenshots for the game here.

N++ Video - Enemy Spotlight: Deathball

Late last month I wrote about how N++ is close to coming out. It looks like promotion might be ramping up, as PlayStation posted the following video showing off the Deathball in N++. It does appear to be a ball that causes death, so the name is pretty appropriate.

I am so excited for this game, and it can't come soon enough. Make sure you follow the developer on Twitter.