SkyPyre 'The Blobs Fight' Coming To Steam Next Month

If you didn't get a chance to play The Blobs Fight at EGLX, then never fear - as the arena party game from SkyPyre will be coming to Steam in June. There is even a Steam page that you can add to your wishlist

"The Blobs Fight is a silly, over-the-top arena party game about creatures of blob like nature, fighting each other to the blash! (Blob for death). Run around as a blob attacking other players to knock pieces (aka bits) of them off, collect those pieces to get bigger, be the largest or the last one standing, profit."

Fossil Hunters Out Now On PC

From Kickstarter, to Ubisoft Indie Series and now to Steam - Reptoid Games' fossil digging game Fossil Hunters is out now on PC (Steam, itchio, and Crytivo).

Fossil Hunters is also planned for PS4, Xbox One, and Switch - but we'll have to wait a bit longer for that. Congrats to the team at Reptoid Games!

Co-Op Mode For Debris Announced

Moonray Studios have announced a co-op mode will be coming to their underwater game - which you can pick up on Steam right now.

"You and a friend are trapped together, yet still somehow alone. An unconventional narrative co-op game set in a surreal frozen seascape. Developed over 3 years, this first-person co-op story takes place in a surreal sunken world locked between ice and rock. Following an accident, players must scramble to find power, defeat strange creatures and decipher what mysterious forces are attempting to prevent their escape. Debris is designed based on the challenges facing those affected by psychosis and created with the help of medical professionals, Debris explores the interplay between perception and reality in an unconventional narrative-driven co-op format."

Throwback Thursday - Lost Orbit

We're back! This time we're looking at Lost Orbit from PixelNauts - you can pick up the game on PlayStation 4, and Steam. It's a twitch, speed "floater" in space - we did a recent video (and make sure to subscribe on Youtube).

Lost Orbit did well with critics getting a 77% on Metacritic, and was reviewed by some of the bigger places out there.

“All in all, Lost Orbit is a winner.”
8/10 – Destructoid

“Lost Orbit could quite possibly be contender for indie game of the year.”
9/10 – Punk and Lizard

“If you like dodge ‘em ups then this is one of the best available&quot”
9/10 – The Sixth Axis

Throwback Thursday - Monumental Failure

Something I often hear from game developers is their troubles with marketing. How to get your game out there to as many players as possible? A usual follow up topic to that is, when the game gets released it has all sorts of hype/press surrounding it, but unless it really takes off, the hype dies down - how do you combat that?

Enter: Throwback Thursday - a weekly article on a game that came out from the local Toronto scene back in the day. Maybe you forgot about it, or maybe you never knew of its existence. That's what I want to do with these articles. Check out the first one below, and let me know on Twitter what you think!

First up! Monumental Failure from Scary Wizard Games. A game that just hit its 1 year anniversary recently, and is on a 35% sale on Steam.

"Monumental Failure is a historically (in)accurate physics-based monument construction simulator. The game empowers you to recreate some of the world's most impressive architectural feats using incredible, and hard-to-believe, construction techniques."

Although I haven't played it (I'll be fixing this soon) - the game has received mostly positive reviews on Steam:

"This game is extremely goofy and wonderful. I love being able to build no matter how shoddy the final result is. The coop is hilarious. A great party game. May or may not cure cancer."

"8/10 - Would drop my workers out of a plane, strapped to a 40-ton slab of stone with bungie cords, without a parachute, as a delivery system for Stonehenge again."

"I don't review games usually, but this game is just so much fun/frustration to play with someone couch co-op. I genuinely recommend this game. 
The game mechanics are different from level to level so you need to learn on the fly, it's really challenging but is really satisfying when you get it right!"

So head over to Steam, pick the game up in a sale, and follow the guys on Twitter. If you have a game that would make a good Throwback Thursday - let me know on Twitter!

Studio Monolith Launches Polyball On Steam

Though it was available in Steam Early Access before - Studio Monolith's Super Monkey Ball/Marble Madness inspired game has officially launched, and is enjoying a 20% discount on Steam right now.

"There's a lot to do in Polyball -- Challenge yourself or a friend to one of over 60 levels included in the initial release, with plans for many more levels via DLC. If you've got some friends over and are looking for something to play, Polyball's splitscreen multiplayer promises a good time. With classic modes like Battle and Trails, as well as a multiplayer version of the single-player experience, Polyball promises to be a must-have party game."

You can also check out the launch trailer, and some screenshots below:

Gunhead Announced - FPS Sequel To Cryptark

Talk about unexpected, despite announcing a game just a few weeks ago Alientrap is at it again, this time announcing Gunhead, a direct sequel to its rogue-like shooter Cryptark.  However Gunhead is a first-person shooter, where you'll still enter procedurally generated ships to neutralize them with the story taking place right after Cryptark. 

Gunhead will be out on Steam next year, so make sure to add the game to your Steam page. Cryptark also came out on PlayStation 4, so hopefully we'll see its sequel make the console jump as well. In the meantime, make sure to check out the developers on Twitter.

Arrow Heads Launches On Steam

Our good friends at Oddbird Studios have released their first title, Arrow Heads on Steam. Arrow Heads is a multiplayer arrow shooting game, where you can play locally or online - and right now it's enjoying a 20% launch discount. So check it out on Steam.