EGLX Gives $95000 To Pitch Competition Winners

Figured this would be a good evening to talk about some competition winners. EGLX (which happened this weekend, and was great) had a pitch competition where they gave away a combined $95000 to independent studios/creators in the area.

MightyYell Studios, Oddbird Studios, Falling Squirrel, and Steph were the winners, and we'll have more on their work in the coming months right here on TorontoGameDevs.

Road to EGLX: Oddbird Studios - Arrow Heads

Continuing our Road to EGLX, we're looking at Arrow Heads from Oddbird Studios - a game we've actually talked about for a while now. It launched back in September, after winning Level Up, and now will be at EGLX for all to play.

If you'd rather play before hand to get some skills and dominate one of its Game Designers Brendan (it won't be hard), you can pick the game up on Steam. Check out the trailer below.

Make sure to pick up some tickets to the show!

Arrow Heads Launches On Steam

Our good friends at Oddbird Studios have released their first title, Arrow Heads on Steam. Arrow Heads is a multiplayer arrow shooting game, where you can play locally or online - and right now it's enjoying a 20% launch discount. So check it out on Steam.

Arrow Heads Coming to Steam on September 21st

Arrow Heads by OddBird Studio will be released on Steam on September 21.  Arrow Heads is a local and online multiplayer archery game that includes a single and co-op mode.  OddBird showed this game at LevelUp! 2016, winning Best Overall Game and Best Artistic Achievement, as well as winning at the ESAC Student Game Competition.

Oddbird Studio Looking For Beta Testers For 'Arrow Heads'

Interested in playing some Arrow Heads ahead of its release? You're in luck! Oddbird Studios is looking for Beta testers, which you can sign up for here.

Release Date For Arrow Heads Coming Soon?

Our friends over at Oddbird Studios tweeted recently that we'll have a Steam store announcement soon - looks like we'll be getting a release date for Arrow Heads in the coming days. We'll make sure to post when it's official.

Oddbird Studios Tweets More Footage For Arrowheads

I've noticed that friend of the site Oddbird Studios have been tweeting a lot about their upcoming game Arrow Heads.  Winner of Level up 2016, Arrow Heads is a multiplayer archery game that pits 2-4 players against each other in deathmatch. I've gathered some of their recent tweets below - we'll have to wait a bit longer to find out a release date for Arrow Heads - you can however download an early build of the game right here.

Arrow Heads Gets An Audio Guy - Releases Small Teaser

Arrow Heads, the multiplayer game from Oddbird Studio now has an audio guy. PJ Tremblay, a producer out of Oakville will be composing music for the game, as announced via Twitter.

They also released a teaser for the score, which you can check out on Youtube. Make sure to subscribe to their channel!

Sounds awesome! Make sure to follow Oddbird, and PJ Tremblay on Twitter.

Preview - Thoughts On Cuphead, Below, and Arrowheads from E3

Hey everyone! So as I've been tweeting, I got to go to E3, and got to play a lot of great games. Some of those great games were developed in our own back yard. Here are some general thoughts I've had on them:

Cuphead from Studio MDHR

We've discussed this a few times on the podcast, but this game is beautiful. It's fluid and smooth, and it was great to confirm this in person. Platforming sections have just been announced and I got to play the section from the video we posted earlier.  The game is certainly difficult, but the controls are easy to grasp and similar to Megaman games of the past. I think once you get the level design down, and the placement of enemies you'll be flying - it will be interesting to see how long this takes. Sadly I didn't get a chance to try out a boss, but the 10 minutes I played left a great impression.

Below from Capybara Games

E3 probably isn't the best place to play test a game like Below, especially if it's the first time you've ever played it.  It deserves to be played in a dark room, with nothing else to get in the way with headphones on. You start the demo on a beach with your boat and before long you're going "below" in a mountain, fighting creatures and collecting items.  The atmospheric and creepy music matched my actions perfectly, and there appears to be some sort of crafting system, but I didn't get a chance to try it out.  Battling was similar to Legend of Zelda games of old, having a sword, shield, bow and arrow at your disposal, but with other weapons to pick up like a spear.  Below is planned for this summer, and I would turn off the lights when you play.

Arrowheads from OddBird Studio

You don't have to travel to Los Angles to play OddBird Studios multiplayer shooter.  You can download Arrowheads from their site right here, and when you do I recommend getting some friends to play along with. Think of it as a 3D Towerfall. The gang has added some extra levels since the last time I played it, and it's just as fun as ever.  The art and animations are colourful, the gameplay is solid, and the game is just straight up a lot of fun to play. If you want to hear some further discussion on it, make sure to listen to Episode 22 of our podcast, but keep this one on your radar.

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