Vacation Time - Guest Blogger

Hey everyone! Just a friendly reminder that I'll be on vacation fora week and won't be updating the website that much. However, good friend Sebastian Scaini (who you can follow on Twitter here) will be taking care of you with some updates.

See you in a week! Oh and remember to join the Discord and become a Patron :)

I'm shaking with excitement - Sebastian Scaini

I'm shaking with excitement - Sebastian Scaini

Patreon Update

Hey! So as you may or may not know, we are on Patreon. If you're unfamiliar with the platform, it's similar to Kickstarter but more of a subscription based service. You pay as long as you want, per month, and get rewards and perks, and then you can cancel anytime. It's a great way to financially help support what we're trying to do at TorontoGameDevs.

One thing I want to do more is engage with Patreon's more - I want them to have a say in how the site develops and evolves.  The first thing being how we'll do Game of the Year voting this year. So if you're a Patreon, check out the page to help with the site - and if you're not a Patreon - consider it :)

Update On Our Youtube Page - Getting New Gear

If you subscribe on Youtube you've probably noticed there haven't been to many videos recently. I've had some technical issues lately and replacing the gear I use (mic, and camera). That's coming up - so until then, follow us everywhere else we may be.

TorontoGameDevs Now On Instagram!

Quick update here, but TorontoGameDevs is now on Instagram, so make sure to follow us here.

You can also check out the following:









Nintendo Switch, New Job, And - An Apology

You may of noticed that it's been quiet around the website lately. I've only posted a few times since the end of last month, and our Youtube page has been pretty inactive as well. I'm here to apologize for that.

I've always pride myself on updating the website as much as possible - usually wanting to do 3-5 stories a week + podcast + videos + events + whatever else. In the last two weeks I've started a new job, which is always a undertaking in itself. The Nintendo Switch came out which is obviously exciting, and there have just been some personal lifestyle changes as well that have taken my attention away from the website. has always been a passion of love. I do have Google ads on the site, we do have a Patreon, a store, and I have charged to advertise jobs on the website. I'm always grateful for people's time, their money, their shares on social media, anything really that helps the website but the truth is that at working about 10-30 hours a week on the site the income works to be almost non-existent.

My intention with has always been to inform people on the games created locally. You often hear to "buy local" in regards to jewelry, clothes, or cars - I've tried to also include video games in that realm. Toronto is an amazing, multi-cultural city - and the art and entertainment coming out of it is nothing to sleep on. Video games are only a small piece of the amazing work being done in Toronto.

I have of course had help on my mission. Bret Measor and Dan Rodriguez have dedicate a lot of their time to doing the podcast. Devon Wiersma has been doing reviews for only the experience and exposure. And finally my fiancé, who is the most amazing woman I've ever known, has only ever been 100% supportive for everything regarding the website. Her support means the world to me and I would of stopped a long time without it.

So sometimes there are down weeks, and it always hits me. Sometimes I see a story that I want to write and I'll say "I'll doit tomorrow". This has been the longest "down-time" I've had so I wanted to write this little blurb. Things will pick up soon, but I do apologize if you've been to the site and wondered "what happened to Steve?" - Don't worry, we're still around.

March is two year anniversary, minus the last week or so, traffic continues to "slowly" rise, and the future looks bright. Sorry for sleeping a bit.

- Steve


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