Drinkbox Studios Announces Release Date For Guacamelee! 2

Praise the Gods for they have come and delivered. Guacamelee! 2 has a release date, as posted on the PlayStation blog, and Twitter.

On August 21st, gamers can download the metroidvania sequel on PlayStation 4 (which you can pre-order here and save 20%), and Steam (wishlist). The game was announced late last year, and said it would be coming "soon-ish" (which I guess worked out to be about 9 months). You can check out the announcement trailer below.

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TorontoGameDevs Game of the Year Winners

The results are in, and we now have our Game of the Year winners! As you recall, because of Patron's, we actually had five categories: Best Port, Best Mobile Game, Most Anticipated Game, Best PC-only Game, Best Multi-platform Game.

Here we go!

Best Port

3rd: Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime (Asteroid Base)

2nd: Jazzpunk: Director’s Cut (Necrophone Games)

1st: Severed (Drinkbox Studios)


Best Mobile Game

3rd (tie): Bee Odyssey and Skies of Fury (Illumination Games)

2nd: Star Pirates Infinity (Snakehead Games)

1st: Oh No! Ninjas! (Blot Interactive)


Most Anticipated Game

3rd: Shakespeare's Landlord (One More Story Games)

2nd: Far Cry 5 (Ubisoft)

1st: Guacamelee! 2 (Drinkbox Studios)


Best PC Only Game

3rd (tie): A Mortician's Tale (Laundry Bear Games) and Disco is Dead (Third Floor Games)

2nd: Bleed 2 (Bookdisk Revolution)

1st (tie): Polyball (Studio Monolith) and Danielle's Inferno (One More Story Games)

Best Multi-platform Release

3rd (tie) Embers of Mirrim (Creative Bytes) and For Honor (Ubisoft)

2nd: Graceful Explosion Machine (Vertex Pop)

1st: Cuphead (Studio MDHR)


hanks to everyone who voted! And congrats to @Jonavan22 who won the $50 PSN/Xbox/eShop/Steam card for RT'ing us on Twitter.



Game Of The Year Voting Starts Next Week

With this week being crazy, holidays and such, the 3rd Annual TorontoGameDevs Game of the Year voting will start sometime next week.

In the meantime, subscribe on Youtube, iTunes, and follow us on Twitter. What has your Game of the Year been?

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Mental Health Games - #BellLetsTalk

Hey there! Today is January 25th, and it's #BellLetsTalk day today. Al Donato from Hand Eye Society reached out to me and let me know their favourite mental health games developed in Toronto (plus a bonus game). In the spirit of the day, check them out below.

Make sure to also use #BellLetsTalk in your social media messages today.

  • Asylum Squad by Sarafin. Made during Mind Games incubator. - Linkhttps:/ - Link-
  • Stop Me If You've Heard This One Before by Kait Tremblay. - Link
  • Medication Meditation by Kara Stone - Link
  • I'm Fine by Rokashi. - Linkhttps:/ - Link
  • Actual Sunlight by Will O'Neill - Link
  • A PTSD simulator - Stepper by Diana Poulsen - Link
  • (Bonus) With Those We Love Alive by Porpentine. - Link  - --

2nd Annual TorontoGameDevs.com Game of the Year Voting!

Poll Closed! Results are in!

Last year, N++ won the Game of the Year voting. Who will be the winner this year? Vote below, and in the new year I'll post the winners!

Only one vote per person, but you can vote for as many games as you want. If I missed any there is a Write In feature at the bottom, or let me know on Twitter

Note: Ports didn't count (sorry Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime, and N++), but DLC, and extra episodes do. Feel free to use the search on the right hand side to find out more about that game.