Redbull Gaming - Levels: The Art Of Game Development'

Redbull Gaming has worked on a video series on innovative video games, and Episode 1 was based on Studio MDHR’s Cuphead - titled ‘When risking everything pays off ‘ - you can check it out below.

Twitch Streams: Assassin's Creed Odyssey - Level 18ish Gameplay

I streamed Assassin’s Creed Odyssey tonight, and posted it on Youtube for those who missed it. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is out now PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Follow us on Twitch here. We’ll be streaming 24 hours for charity during Extra-Life this weekend,

The Game Music Podcast Interviews Composer Behind Guacamelee!

Our friend Jake Butineau (who recently launched a Patron by the way) interviewed Peter Chapman, who amongst other things, was the composer behind Guacamelee and Sound Shapes.

"Peter and Jake get excited for Guacamelee! 2 by talking about composing Guacamelee's soundtrack, retro games and the struggle of finding time to game while working as a full-time composer."

You can check out the full podcast on Youtube (and below).

Throwback Thursday - The Castle Game

Building off of last week - we have round two of Throwback Thursday, and this time the first video/Let's Play which you can check out here (and below).

The Castle Game is a RTS-lite fantasy game from Neptune Interactive. Originally planned to also release on Wii U, and Steam, it only graced the PlayStation 4 but was one of my favourite games from 2015. I really enjoyed the colours, the sounds, and the kind of laid back approach it took to the genre. It's not hardcore, and the concepts are simple - which was perfect for someone who was never much of an RTS fan.

The Castle Game posted a respectable 68 on Metacritic, and was helped by our good friends at Clapfoot Studios, the makers of Fortified, and Foxhole. You can get it on PlayStation 4 right here (and btw it's a fairly easy platinum). Until next time!