OSnap Games Launches Kickstarter For Quasar

OSnap Games is busy away work on their shoot 'em up Quasar for Steam, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and have taken to Kickstarter to help them with the final push.  The goal is $25000, with 35 days to go, I think we can get this one fully funded.

"Inspired by great shoot ‘em ups of the past such as Asteroids and Space Wars, we’ve set out to make QUASAR a bullet-tastic, top-down multiplayer game for our generation. The mechanics are simple, but the action takes place in procedurally generated areas for a unique and frenetic play experience that tests your skills every time. The game can be played with up to 10 players (5 vs. 5), and we like to say it is easy to learn, fast to play and hard to master."

You can check out the Kickstarter right here, and follow the developer on Twitter as well.  I've had a chance to play to play Quasar and it's a long of fun.  The Kickstarter has all sorts of details on the gameplay, and sound track with the estimate delivery date on it being September 2016, so hopefully we don't have to long of a wait.