Kickstarter Plug: Let's Help Fund Spirit Animal Survival

Spirit Animal Survival is an open world PVP, and Co-op survival game which launched its Kickstarter a couple of weeks ago - and they can use our help. The game is scheduled for PC (check the Steam page here) to release around this time next year according to the Kickstarter, where they discuss the early access version:

Spirit Animal Survival Early Access version features a very stable CO-OP and PVP Multiplayer Survival Game, with almost all features of the full version implemented. Currently included are the following features: 5 different environments totaling approximately 36 square kilometers 100 different Animal and Creature Types Over 200 Craft and Building Items Taming/Mating of specific Animals Morphing into Spirit Animals Extensive Character Creation system for Male and Female 6 Tiers of starting clothes sets Different Mountable Animals and Boats 4 Boss Instances Volumetric Weather System with Day and Night cycles.

The full game will expand on this including 11 areas and bosses, and more crafting options.

You can check out the Kickstarter right here where 20 dollars will net you a copy of the game in the future and beta access. You can also follow the team on Twitter and check out their site for more.