Original Video - Let's Play We Are Doomed

With Vertex Pop making Graceful Explosion Machine on Switch, decided to go back and check out We Are Doomed. Make sure to subscribe on Youtube!

Give Away: Bloxiq (Vita) And WE ARE DOOMED (PS4)

Last week there were two Toronto developed video games released on PlayStation consoles.

WE ARE DOOMED (which I've done a Let's Play for) from VertexPop on PS4, and Bloxiq from Blot Interactive on PlayStation Vita came out last week, and I have codes for both of them!

You can follow me on twitter for a chance to win, but if you comment on this post (include your email) you'll also enter a chance to win (so if you both Retweet, and comment you get two chances!)

In the meantime, just make sure to follow VertexPop and Blot Interactive on twitter.