Video Games News Time Daily - April 27th 2017

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Graceful Explosion Machine And Nintendo Switch Review

We give a (very quick) review of Graceful Explosion Machine as well as our thoughts on the Nintendo Switch roughly 7 weeks in since launch. Remember to subscribe!

Let's Talk - Quick Thoughts On Graceful Explosion Machine

Local developer Vertex Pop were kind enough to give me a code for Graceful Explosion Machine. I've been playing it, and enjoying it quite a bit. Check out my thoughts below, and remember to subscribe!

Let's Play: Horizon Zero Dawn

We're going to get back to Toronto developed games - I promise. In the mean time though, check Chris and I playing Horizon: Zero Dawn!

Let's Play Disc Jam (And Some Zelda Talk)

We're back again! This time instead of talking about Nintendo Switch in general, we talk about Legend of Zelda while playing Disc Jam online. Remember to subscribe!

Let's Play Disc Jam

It's not Toronto developed, but Chris and I sat down to play some Disc Jam (free on PS+), and talk Nintendo Switch. Remember to subscribe on YouTube!

Let's Play Starwhal

Chris and I are back! We're taking a break from For Honor to play some Starwahl which was developed in Ottawa from Breakfall. Check it out below and subscribe!