Dashy Square Now On Kickstarter

Just the other day we wrote about Dashy Square hitting Steam Greenlight. Well now independent developer Kastriot Sulejmani is taking to Kickstarter to help fund his game.

This project has been in development solely by myself (Kastriot Sulejmani) for the past 8 months. It was released for iOS and Android in August 2015. Thrilled with a lot of peoples support and feedback towards the game, I decided to dedicate all my efforts on continuing the games development and wanted to release for more platforms like Steam and possibly VR (Virtual Reality) in the future!
Currently, I am running a greenlight page on Steam in hopes of making it more accessible for a huge variety of gamers worldwide. The idea behind this Kickstarter is to raise the $110 dollars needed to pay off the Steam Greenlight fee but also raise awareness for the game's presence.

Make sure you check out the Kickstarter for the all the details, but also give Kastriot Sulejmani a follow on Twitter, he's extremely active. Remember to vote for it on Steam Greenlight as well.