Play Godsend For Free On

If you didn't get a chance to play Patchworks Godsend at EGLX, or Levelup here's your chance! The platformer has you shifting souls from creature to creature to solve puzzles and is available now on

"Play as a trickster demon, out for revenge against the gods. You are physically weak, and rely on your ability to shift your soul into other creatures. Exploit their abilities to solve puzzles, crush those who oppose you, and invoke in-fighting amongst their ranks."

Friend of the site Colin Cummings had some kind things to say about the game on Third.Person after playing it at LevelUp.

"A puzzle platformer with a twist, as the way forward is found within your enemies! A unique concept that felt fun to play, and fun to puzzle out. Creating an interesting game demo and having it be fun within moments of grabbing a controller, especially during a busy event is hard but Godsend proved to be up to the task. I took no hints from the developer leading my demo (shoutout to Coley!) and so I had a real sense of accomplishment finding all the shrines, though my time could have used some work. I fell an embarrassing amount."

You can check out some gameplay below, or play the game yourself for free on and make sure to follow the gang on Twitter!