Skies of Fury DX Out Now On Nintendo Switch

Incase you missed it, the first console game from Seed Interactive is out now on Nintendo Switch. You can pick up the game for $25.79 on the Canadian e-shop.

You can also check out an interview we did with Dan Stopnicki from Seed Interactive about porting the game from mobile to Switch.

Interview - Skies of Fury DX Developer

Skies of Fury DX is coming out to Switch this week on April 12th, and I was fortunate to site down with Dan Stopnicki, the Chief Innovation Officer at Seed Interactive. In the talk we go over Dan's history as a game developer, talk about Seed Innovation's previous games on mobile, then we go in depth about their first console experience: Skies of Fury DX.

What's it like from going from mobile to Switch? What did they go with Switch, and Skies of Fury? All that a more! Check it out below!

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Illumination Games Flying Onto Nintendo Switch This Month With Skies of Fury DX

Sorry for the corny title, but I had to. Good news today for Switch owners, as Illumination Games announced a release date for their first console game - Skies of Fury DX. Skies of Fury DX is a Switch port of the mobile game released last year that features over 100 millions. You can check out the full trailer below.

"Take to the skies and experience WWI as a fighter pilot! Skies of Fury DX offers players the chance to engage in epic, aerial combat in historic Bloody April, 1917, as both British and German pilots.

Using 10 distinctive aircraft from WWI, players fly through stunning, hand-painted environments. Dogfight through the missions as a single player, or challenge your friends to multiplayer, split-screen battles."

Skies of Fury DX will be available April 12th on Nintendo Switch and you can preorder the game right now.

Skies of Fury DX Coming To Switch

The Toronto Switch games keep on coming - this time in a mobile-to-console port. Illumination Games will be releasing Skies of Fury DX to Switch sometime "soon" - the game was originally released on mobile earlier this year. The game will be the studios first console game.

Fight as both British and German pilots during WWI’s battle for the skies! Seed Interactive and Illumination Games are excited to announce Skies of Fury DX for Nintendo Switch™. Take to the skies and experience WWI as a fighter pilot! Skies of Fury DX offers players the chance to engage in epic, aerial combat in historic Bloody April, 1917, as both British and German pilots.

The trailer says the game is "coming soon" so we probably won't have to wait long to take to the sky on Switch.

Skies of Fury Now Available

Ace Academy: Skies of Fury, a WWI aerial combat game, is now available on the App Store and on Google Play.  It has 50 missions both from the perspectives of German and British pilots, unlockables, and two different game modes.  Illumination Games has teamed up with The Canada Science and Technology Museums Corporation for their Ace Academy series.  Here is the description of the game from Illumination Games and a trailer:

In the action-packed skies over the battlefields of Arras, experience “Bloody April” from the perspective of both British and German pilots fighting for their lives. Inspired by vintage comics, Skies of Fury features stunning WWI planes, epic aerial combat, and beautifully handcrafted environments. Dogfight through 50 missions using 10 distinctive aircraft with unique skins, gunsights and flight characteristics. Play Ace Academy: Skies of Fury and battle your way through to become the top ace over the Western Front.

- 50 missions
- 2 game modes: Elimination and Escort
- Unique handling and dogfighting capabilities
- 6 stunning environments
- Hundreds of unlockable skins, player icons and crosshairs
- 10 unlockable aircraft with different stats
- Pilot skills tailored to your playstyle
- Vintage comic-book style

Updated: Bee Odyssey Available for iOS and Android

Illumination Games is releasing Bee Odyssey, officially launching on March 28, 2017 on iOS and Android.  They created a fun and educational game for all ages.  Check out some screenshots and an updated gameplay trailer below.

We are a game development studio that has partnered up with the Canada Agriculture & Food Museum to create Bee Odyssey, a fun all-ages mobile game that educates players about bees and their importance to our survival. Our intention is to create a mobile experience which draws attention to the risks and lives of honey bees. The game features real food sources, predators, hazards and environments which Honey Bees encounter (in the North East) and a field guide which includes additional reference information.

You can follow Illumination games for updates on their social media pages:

Illumination Games Releases Dawn Of Mars On iOS And Android

Illumination Games, who had previous released Ace Academy: Black Flight early in the year, have released their next title: Dawn of Mars on iOS and Android.

Join the first-ever colony on Mars. Your survival will depend on your ability to gather resources, expand your bases, and conquer new territories.
Control a fleet of rovers and extract precious resources from the Martian soil. As commanding officer, you will need to balance colony survival with mission requirements, while battling hazardous and unpredictable conditions on the Red Planet.

You can follow the gang on Twitter, and much like Ace Academy before it, the game is in partnership with the Canadian Aviation and Space Museum. The game can be download for free on iOS and Android.

Illumination Games Releases Ace Academy: Black Flight On Mobile

New local developer Illumination Games, in partnership with Seed Interactive and the Canadian Aviation and Space Museum have released Ace Academy: Black Flight on iOS and Android.  The flying combat game is based off of the dog fights from World War I.

Ace Academy: Black Flight will pin you to your seat as you experience First World War dogfighting like never before. You will fly with real squadrons, over actual historical locations, as you ascend the ranks to become a World War One Ace. Test your abilities as you go head to head with top German Jastas in Fokker and Albatross fighters. Discover the major battles and theatres that made First World War one of the most gruelling wars ever fought! Join the ranks of Black Flight, explore the world of 100 years ago, and earn your place in history.

You can download the game for free on iOS and Android, and make sure to follow the gang over on Twitter.  Make sure to also check out SE3D Interactive, and let us know what you think in the comments!